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From the Desk of Brent Bertsch

List builders, in my opinion, are the "LifeBlood" of any online marketers advertising arsenal. I know, as they are my life line, and have been, for close to four years now.

I know many top marketers out there feel the same way I do, and if you are still out on a limb as to whether they are right for you, well, all I can say is that you need to give them a shot.

Sure, I may be bias, after all I am starting my own listbuilder, but then again, that just proves that I know they work.

It's called Incentive Based Advertising...

YourHUGEList has been designed from the ground up to provide you with quality email marketing ( listbuilder ) advertising for free. Now how in the world do we offer such a service for free?

Simple, it's a little concept called "incentive based advertising"

Incentive based advertising means that in exchange for reading our member email advertisements, you also get to send out your own email ads to our members.

Each email you receive from our members will contain what is called a "credit link". Each credit link

will add credits to your account and the more credits you accumulate the more of our members you get to email. For every credit you earn you get to email 1 member, so if you earn 500 credits, you get to email 500 people.

Enter our premium memberships..... As a free member you get to email a set number of people every 7 days. However, with our different paid memberships you can cut this time down to 5 days or even 3 days as well as being able to email people without even having to earn credits!

Now that you know how YourHUGEList works, feel free to create an account with us by clicking the graphic at the bottom of this page!

There are many reasons why you should join YourHUGEList:

When you join for FREE you receive the ability to INSTANTLY email our members!

Our upgrades allow you to mail up to thousands of people every 3-5 days!

Incentive based ads means members will click and read your ads!

Build your downlines in a TON of the top traffic programs today, with our Referral Builder!

Receive up to 60% commissions on almost EVERY purchase made by your referrals!

Our "Gift" feature allows you to add your own gift to YourHUGEList! Whether you are giving away traffic, or even a free product attached to your squeeze page, you can add it to YouHUGEList and watch your sales and opt-ins EXPLODE! On the flip side you also get access to a HUGE variety of gifts that will, most certainly, help to bring your business to the NEXT LEVEL!

"Great job Brent! I can never have access to enough high quality list builders, and YourHugeList is a great new addition to my email marketing arsenal!"

Mark Watson

Now that you know more about what YourHUGEList is... Come and create an account with us! :)

As soon as you join you will be given access to a plethora of marketing tools as well as a bonus amount of credits to help you on your first mailing! :) I would really like if you joined my list builder!

Hope to see you inside!

Click the graphic below to create your account!

Although, I am sure you were already getting ready to click the button. :)

Creating an account with us is free, and you are welcome to remove yourself at any time.

Get started today!

To Your Success,

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